Dive San Jose


San Jose Marine Life

What you can see in the Dive sites of San Jose are Schools of sardines/Diagonal shrimp goby/Banded shrimp goby/Mandarin fish/Eastern clown anemone fish and many more…


San Jose Dive SitesDescriptionDepthsDivers/Snorkelers
Maayo Tampi PierPier/ coral slope2-20m OWD/No Good
Tropico House ReefCoral slope4-20m OWD/Ok
TandayagSandy/ coral slope5-20mOWD/Ok
LalaanSandy/ coral slope2-20m OWD/Ok
BatoSandy/ coral slope 3-30m AOW/Ok
Coral Garden Front Sandy/ coral slope3-30m AOW/Ok
Resort Front Wall Coral slope 2-20m OWD/Good
Sardines Point Flat coral slope 2-20m OWD/Good