Dive Sibulan


Scuba Dive Sibulan

Sibulan is approximately 5 km north of Dumaguete City, the capital of the Province of Negros Oriental.The provincial airport, known as the Dumaguete Airport, is actually in Sibulan. It is the main airport for Negros Oriental.

Sibulan has a growing number of guest houses and beach resorts from Cangmating southward to Dumaguete and the coral reefs of Ajong are attracting more dive boats.

Dive Sibulan has two small Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), which are coral reef areas that prohibit fishing, swimming and diving. One is in Agan-an, just north of the airport, the other is in Cangmating. These were established to improve the sustainability of the local fishery.

These pictures were taken by Gary’s scuba diving friend Harry at Sibulan. Thank you Harry fir sharing these amazing pictures.


Sibulan Dive SitesDescriptionDepthsDivers/Snorkels
Polo I and IIthere are 2 underwater mounts, starting at 5m to 30m. Nice cover with hard and soft corals, gorgonians and tablecorals. Visibility sometimes not so good because of plankton, but on these occasions you usually see some large schools of fish5-30MOWD/GOOD
Broccoli ReefThis is a sandy / rocky area with coral blocks and many soft corals (Dendronephthya, they look like broccoli). Many featherstars, snakes, mantis shrimp. 5-20MOWD/GOOD
Sibulan House ReefLies just outside Dive Sibulan. Sandy area with seagrass and coral blocks and a slope down to 20m. This place is not so special during the day, but an amazing place for night dives. I did one every other night, after we had found everything there, from groups of squids to giant slugs (Spanish dancer and Pleurobranchus), baskets stars, brittle stars, beautiful shells, spider crabs and many hermit crabs with their shells overgrown with anemones. 20MOWD/OK
Calong I to IIIThis is a reef with a sandy area. Large gorgonians, sponges, soft corals, rays, pufferfish and other coral reef fishes.3-18MOWD/GOOD