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Gary L Finney

Gary L. Finney was born in America in 1950. In 1971 while in the Marine Corp, just getting back from Vietnam, another marine talked Gary into diving.

With no training Gary entered the cool waters of Laguna Beach, California. Gary was hooked! After about 10 dives he took a PADI Open Water course.

After getting out of the service, Gary continued his training in 1976 by going to a Commercial Diving School, Oceaneering International, were he took all classes available through the Veterans Admin. After 1 year of intense training, He was an air-mixed/Saturation diver with welding, burning, photo, and explosives under his belt.

Gary also became a NAUI Master Scuba Diver in the school.

Gary went to an industrial inspection company in Boston, Mass., Sylvester Underseas Inspection, were he mastered all Non-destructive testing skills. Gary and two other commercial divers built and designed a “James Bond” box built for ultrasonic’s and communications to the diver while every thing was being video recorded.

The company was bought out by S&H Diving in Morgan City, LA.

They got the “James Bond” box as well as Gary and started working them in the Golf of Mexico. The customers fell in love with it because now they can see what was happening down there.Gary worked on offshore platforms, underwater pipe lines, ships, semi-submersibles, and jack-ups.

After building a very good reputation the “Energy Crunch” happened in 1984 and every thing fell apart! The company was bought out and later dissolved.

Leaving the business for a while Gary continued scuba diving for fun while keeping his inspection skills alive on land.

Gary worked his way up to QA/QC Manager, working across the States in oil, gas and chemical plants.Between jobs Gary had developed other skills as a bounty hunter and bodyguard.

Gary came to the Philippines in 1997 and again in 1999 as an Advance Agent.

Gary L. Finney in deep sea suit
Gary L. Finney

In 1999 Gary Finney remained in the Philippines.

Earlier in Houston, TX Gary had met a Philippine nurse whose brother owned a resort, Dakak Resort, in Mindanao.

Upon finishing his contract Gary went to visit that resort and loved the fresh air and clear waters.Gary requested work there as an instructor. The resort owner guided Gary to Sea Explorers for training.

Gary became a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor in May 2000.

The Course Director made Gary his Dive Shop Manager in a new Siquijor base at Coco Grove Beach Resort,Tubod, Siquijor.

Short on cash Gary had to go back to the States to get his things and acquire more cash.Returning to Sea Explorers he was placed as a free lancer and started free lancing for 8 different dive shops from Siquijor, Negros, and Apo Island.

Again building a good reputation Gary has continued to help others in need.

Gary Finney is involved in marine environmental protection such as underwater and coastal clean-ups, collection of Crown of Thorns in marine sanctuaries, installation of marker buoys and mooring buoys to different dive sites, guiding as well as of course teaching.

To date, Gary has over 8,000+ dives and 5,000+ of them are here around the Central Visayas.

He has to date 1,500+ students in all PADI levels.

He has also participated as a gold member in the Siquijor Dive and Rescue Club, an organization participated by both private individuals and in government service whose mission is to assist in rescue operations in sea water tragedy.

5yrs ago Gary started up a new business called AQUA VENTURA DIVING & BOAT SERVICES.

Gary is an avid freelance dive instructor who travels the waters around Oriental Negros and Cebu taking people out scuba diving, snorkeling, whale shark watching, destination tours.

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